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JLSB---COVER-2Journal of Life Science and Biomedicine

ISSN: 2251-9939

Frequency: Bimonthly

Current Issue: 2017, Vol: 8, Issue: 1 (January)


The Journal of Life Science and Biomedicine is aimed to improve the quality and standard of life with emphasis on the related branches of science such as biology, physiology, biochemistry, zoology, anatomy, pathology and their applications and innovations in medicine and healthcare... view full aims and scope


Research PaperJLSB-1094_-Acrochaetium_sp._Rhodophyta

Antioxidant Activity of Protein Fractions Derived from Acrochaetium sp. (Rhodophyta) Enzymatic Hydrolysates.

Windarto S, Nursyam H, Hsu J-L, Lee M-Ch.

J. Life Sci. Biomed., 8(1): 10-18, 2018; pii:S225199391800003-8

[Abstract] [Full text-PDF]

JLSB-24Nov-2017-Research Paper

Endoscopic Interventions in Patients with External Biliary Fistulas Caused by Iatrogenic Injuries of Biliary Tracts.

Turakulov UN.

J. Life Sci. Biomed., 8(1): 06-09, 2018; pii:S225199391800002-8

[Abstract] [Full text-PDF]

Research PaperJLSB-03Nov-2017-peripheral_blood_lymphocytes_in_breast_cancer_women

Chromosomal Disorders and Aberrant DNA Methylation as Early Biomarkers of Breast Cancer Risk in Young Women.

Zakirova LT, Alimkhodjaeva LT and Kadyrova DA.

J. Life Sci. Biomed., 8(1): 01-05, 2018; pii:S225199391800001-8

[Abstract] [Full text-PDF]

JLSB-09Oct-2017Research Paper

Two-Component Mesh Repair of Medium-Sized Ventral Hernias.

Ametov LZ, Baibekov IM, Khan GV, SHayusupov AR, Egamov BYu.

J. Life Sci. Biomed., 7(6): 110-116, 2017; pii:S225199391700015-7

[Abstract] [Full text-PDF]

JLSB-1092Research Paper

Bio Monitoring of Heavy Metals (Cu, Zn, Pb, Cd and Ni) in the West Coast of Peninsular Malaysia Using Giant Mudskipper Periophthalmodon Schlosseri (Pallas 1770).

Buhari TR, Ismail A.

J. Life Sci. Biomed., 7(6): 90-109, 2017; pii:S225199391700014-7

[Abstract] [Full text-PDF]

JLSB-1091Research Paper

The Effect of Different Electric Field Strength (V/Cm) on Post-Electroporated Quality of Koi Fish Sperms.

Soeprijanto A, Faqih AR, Anitasari S.

J. Life Sci. Biomed., 7(6): 82-89, 2017; pii:S225199391700013-7

[Abstract] [Full text-PDF]

Research PaperJLSB-08Sep-2017

Rational Surgical Tactics in Proximal Bile Ducts Tumors.

Nazirov FG, Akbarov MM, Omonov OA.

J. Life Sci. Biomed., 7(6): 76-81, 2017; pii:S225199391700012-7

[Abstract] [Full text-PDF]

JLSB-1090-Infection_of_Cobia-2Research Paper

Effect of Dietary Scutellaria baicalensis Root Water Extract against Piscicola geometra Infection of Cobia.

Nurhanida Rizky P, Cheng T-Ch, Nursyam H.

J. Life Sci. Biomed., 7(5): 69-75, 2017; pii:S225199391700011-7

[Abstract] [Full text-PDF]



An Overview of Application of Animal Biotechnology in Africa: A Promising Approach for Life and Genetic Improvement of Farm Animals.

Asmare Belachew S.

J. Life Sci. Biomed., 7(5): 62-68, 2017; pii:S225199391700010-7

[Abstract] [Full text-PDF]



A Review on Challenges and Opportunities of Water Hyacinth.

Awoke Mengesha T.

J. Life Sci. Biomed., 7(5): 51-61, 2017; pii:S225199391700009-7

[Abstract] [Full text-PDF]


A Review of the Effects of Electromagnetic Fields on Telomere-Dependent Life Span in Human and Experimental Animal Models.

Chekani Azar S.

J. Life Sci. Biomed., 7(4): 42-50, 2017; pii:S225199391700008-7

[Abstract] [Full text-PDF]

JLSB-1088Research Paper

Clinical and Immunological Evaluation of FarGALS Efficacy during the Process of Adaptation in Patients with Removable Plate Prosthesis Depending on Age.

Nigmatullaevich AA.

J. Life Sci. Biomed., 7(4): 37-41, 2017; pii:S225199391700007-7

[Abstract] [Full text-PDF]


Prospects of Reconstructive and Restorative Surgery of Extrahepatic Biliary Tracts.

Nazirov FG, Akbarov MM, Saatov RR, Turakulov UN.

J. Life Sci. Biomed., 7(3): 31-36, 2017; pii:S225199391700006-7

[Abstract] [Full text-PDF]

JLSB-1087Research Paper

The effects of redundant water quality arameters on chemical composition of Oreochromis niloticus and Bagurs bayad procured from Jebal Aulia Dam and Lake Nubia

Mohammed ME, Sulieman HMA and Ahmed AI.

J. Life Sci. Biomed., 7(3): 26-30, 2017; pii:S225199391700005-7

[Abstract] [Full text-PDF]

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